Postfix Integration - Run another filter first

Joseph Jamieson jjamieson at
Thu Aug 7 21:33:49 IST 2008

That would work (maybe) although I suck at perl if there's any advanced
coding required.   As long as the code isn't too complicated I *think* I
could get by.   I'm not a programmer by trade but I can write some php
and bash scripts.

If this were to work ideally, I'd be able to use a custom scanner within
MailScanner which will add some header tags which could then be picked
up by SpamAssassin - meaning, it will integrate better into the system
as I can add it as a score line item.   I like the idea of integrating
many different techniques into a single scoring system.   It helps
reduce false positives and reduce spam.  I hate letting a single
technique block messages altogether - such as RBL blocks or dynamic IP
ranges.   Much rather have those things add a few points to the total

Am I right about the postfix/filter order though?   Does postfix send
messages to the HOLD before running the other items listed in

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Joseph Jamieson wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm pretty new to MailScanner, but I do have a working system and it 
> works.
> I am having trouble tracking down a few bits of information, though - 
> and this is mostly a Postfix question but I figured someone here might

> know.
> MailScanner uses the Postfix header-checks "HOLD" feature to scan the 
> messages. Postfix drops the message into the hold folder, and every 
> few moments MailScanner will check the folder, scan all the messages, 
> and then drop it into a folder for postfix to grab and continue 
> sending the message on its way.
> At what time in the process does Postfix do this? It appears that 
> postfix will do this before pretty much anything else. So, if I have a

> filter set up in the (for instance, dspam) MailScanner 
> always gets a hold of the message first. What if I wanted to use dspam

> to tag a message probability, and add some scores to SpamAssassin 
> (which is run by MailScanner?) That way, MailScanner remains the only 
> system that's doing any tagging, quarantining, etc.
> DSPAM is just an example. I can think of several other nice little 
> things I'd like to be able to do, too.
> So, I guess the question is: Is there any way to run a filter via 
> Postfix **before** MailScanner gets its turn? Or do I have it all 
> wrong here?
You could implement DSPAM (or others) as a generic virus scanner or a 
custom spam scanner within MailScanner. How about that approach instead?

It will take you a bit of digging in the MailScanner code to implement, 
but the hooks are there, and I probably even wrote you some sample code 
in or


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