Greetings... a current amavisd-new user, looking into MailScanner...

Glenn Sieb ges at
Thu Aug 7 02:46:25 IST 2008

Greetings :)

I run a FreeBSD 7.0 server, with postfix 2.5.1.

I have been using amavisd-new for a number of years, with a SQL backend. 
Things have gotten kerflucked, and I'm getting tired of amavisd-new 
breaking every time they do an update.

So, what I'd like to know is:

1) Does mailscanner support virtual domains?
2) Is there a way for users (virtual and non) to control quarantine 
settings and personal white/blacklists?
3) Any hints, or other advice from seasoned vets here? :)

Thanks in advance! :)


...destination is merely a byproduct of the journey
           --Eric Hansen

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