Spam from Free mail accounts

Paul Houselander (SME) housey at
Fri Aug 1 10:48:07 IST 2008



Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing a lot of spam getting through
that has been sent from, accounts etc..


Have seen a big increase in the last couple of weeks, they do actually come
from hotmails and yahoo's servers so the network based checks don't flag


I added a plugin from which just checks if the
message is from a freemail account, which is working but a lot of my users
receive legitimate mail from hotmail etc. so I can't score to highly
(currently set to 1).


The messages aren't really hitting any other rules (I use SA 3.2.5,
sa-update daily, SARE, KAM, DCC, razor, pyzor) - my BAYES db has been
running for some time so I've removed it and started again with the starter
one from


Subjects are pretty random


Beauty latin girl posing bill pain

Kuuimshot on boiiobs hole teeth

Inteirraciial pee threesome bat cook

Cindy gaping snatch and Office glrIs in stockings


Just wondered if anyone else was seeing the same?








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