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In MailScanner, when a message is blocked by filename or filetype, the
recipients receive a notification informing that the content is blocked and,
if they wish to receive a copy of that message, they have to send a email to
help desk. What I realized is that the content of the notification is the
same in store.filename.message.txt.

In my MailScanner.conf:

   - The Spam Actions is set only "store", as well as High Scoring Spam
   - All Notify Senders is set to NO
   - The Silent Viruses parameter is set like "Silent Viruses =
   HTML-IFrame HTML-Codebase HTML-Script HTML-Form All-Viruses" and the Still
   Deliver Silent Viruses is NO
   - I already tried to comment all Stored Reports and it didn`t work.

I don`t want the recipients receive any messages!

Sorry about my bad english.

2008/4/30 Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at>:

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> Gustavo FC wrote:
> | How can I stop user from receiving any kind of notification?
> What sort of notification?
> You included no information at all. So it stands to reason this might
> not even be MailScanner releated. Please read a bit about the
> mailinglist and post a question with relevant details included.
> Hugo.
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