Ubuntu - sendmail problem

Edward Dekkers edward at tdcs.com.au
Tue Apr 29 02:20:26 IST 2008

> Thanks Ed,
> Your right, It is a sendmail error. sendmail is not even running.

Sendmail is not running but creating log entries? That's certainly very

> is a disconnect between MailScanner and sendmail.  I think that
> MailScanner needs to wrap around sendmail and control it.

>From memory (again mate, 10 years ago or so), mailscanner starts up two
instances of sendmail, a sending and a receiving queue or something like

> How can I make this work??

Well, when you run sendmail without mailscanner, can you send e-mails? I
mean, the point I made before still applies - out of the box sendmail only
listens on the localhost, and will not receive connections remotely. This
isn't straying or re-inventing, this is simply opening up sendmail for real
world use.

Have you allowed remote connections in sendmail.mc or not? MailScanner IS
NOT an SMTP server, it uses sendmail or Postfix (or others) as an MTA - they
still need to be configured properly.

The log you showed originally seems to tell me at first glance this has not
been done.

Again though - I'm not an expert - I stress this because the guys on this
list are miles ahead in knowledge over me - and glancing at your post it
looked like sendmail was the culprit, but I could still be wrong.


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