****SPAM**** Re: ****SPAM**** Re: ****SPAM**** Re: releasing mail from quarantine doesn't work with postfix ?

Marco Rebsamen mrebsamen at unimatrix0.ch
Mon Apr 28 19:19:08 IST 2008

> Well.... You *could* blame me, I guess:-).
> It's like this:
> - Postfix reuses queue file names. The chance of reuse happening is
> rather high (inode number and the millisecond is used to generate the
> name).
> - If you use MailWatch or another form of database logging, this queue
> ID reuse is unacceptable.
> - To overcome this, Jules (on my behest:-) add a bit of entropy at the
> end, after an easily identifiable relimiter (".";-).
> It's been like this for ages.
> We who use MailWatch need "store" as RFC822 messages (and keep the
> envelope info in the database anyway), so ... for us this is a
> non-issue... But one would think that the ones that "store" as queue
> files would've seen this before... and would amend the wiki page.
> Since you found this out, you can update it yourself... That's the
> whole point with a wiki;-).
> If you can, please check if this is general or if it is something that
> has been introduced in later versions of Postfix. I'm pretty sure that
> last I looked (oh so many versions ago:-), the info in the wiki was
> enough, more or less.
> Cheers
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> -- Glenn
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Ok... Did I got that right... The Nameing of the file is made by MailScanner 
and is the result of..... a difficult postfix behavior ? 
And my method of releasing the file is correct and the only one that works for 
my settings ?

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