MCP and FreeBSD

Renee Gehlbach krgehlba at
Mon Apr 28 19:00:04 IST 2008


I had emailed earlier about MCP problems.  I have finally found the 
issue:  SpamAssassin expected to find a .pre file in 
/usr/local/etc/MailScanner/mcp and there was not one.  Thus SpamAssassin 
was bombing after reading in the files with the MCP rules but before 
actually running the MCP checks.  I copied v320.pre into this directory, 
and MCP was happy again.

So now I have two questions:
1) is MCP supposed to be looking for this file here?
2) if so, will future versions of the FreeBSD port be putting this file 
here?  if not, will future versions of the port look for this file in 
the correct place?

Simply put, do I need to maintain this file myself whenever I update, or 
will the port be handling this correctly in the future?


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