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Thu Apr 24 17:02:27 IST 2008

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Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Mohammed Alli a écrit :
>> Can you let me know what version of MailScanner is included in Ubuntu
>> 8.04?  I'd like to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu.    
> My Kubuntu 8.04 says: 4.58.9-2ubuntu1 (hardy).
This stinks.
I just downloaded and installed the latest release of Ubuntu (version 
8.04). When you run aptitude (not the easiest program in the world to 
run), you wind up with a build of MailScanner 4.58.9 which doesn't work.

Pretty poor show. Did it not occur them to test it, at least to run 
"MailScanner --help" to see if it will even start up?

I have documented what I have been given as a fix on, but this hardly instils confidence in the system 
(Ubuntu or MailScanner :-(

They are shipping a version which is well over a year old, surrounded by 
more up to date versions of other software so that it doesn't even work 
at all.

How do we go about getting the Ubuntu build of MailScanner updated? I 
have no experience with it or Debian, apart from the knowledge that 
building Debian packages is apparently very hard.
Is there a more recent build available anywhere?

Thanks folks, let's see if we can get this one sorted between us.


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