install mailscanner on un-buntu 7.10

Neil Wilson neilw at
Thu Apr 24 09:44:03 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:

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> Around line 6357 of, please can you confirm it says
> our $FIELD_NAME = '[^\x00-\x1f\x7f-\xff :]+:';
> please?

My is only 6231 lines long.

Line 6066                     $arr->[1] =~ /\A$FIELD_NAME/o;
  # JKF End mod here

Line 6069  while(scalar(@{$arr}) && $arr->[0] =~ /\A($FIELD_NAME|From )/o)

These are the only references to FIELD_NAME

Should I download my MailTools and install from a cpan module?

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