Feature List - startup script enhancement

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Wed Apr 23 17:23:42 IST 2008

I don't know if this would be easy to implement or not, but thought I'd
throw it out anyway.  

I'm using sendmail with milters and adding a whitelist entry is a
(minor) pain because I have to stop MailScanner, then the milters, make
the edit, then restart it all again.

Naturally, the milters have to be started before sendmail.  MailScanner
starts the sendmail daemon, of course, so what I was wondering is if the
MailScanner startup script could be modified such that the milters are
started before sendmail.  Since there's no way to know what milters are
running, or how many, the script would probably have to have something
like a PRELOAD (and probably POSTUNLOAD) variable pointing to a text
file listing the milters to start - say, /etc/MailScaner/milters.conf.
If it's empty, it's skipped.  If not, the milters are loaded before
sendmail or postfix or whatever.

If that's easy, I think it would be a nice feature.  If it's a pain to
implement, then don't worry about it.


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