Watermark checking doesn't work

Matt Hampton spamlists at coders.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 10:01:38 IST 2008

Peter Peters wrote:
> Both smtp.iaf.nl and mailscanner1.noc.iaf.nl run MailScanner with
> watermarking enabled. So I think smtp.iaf.nl should detect the watermark.
What do the logs say?
>> X-IAF-MailScanner: Found to be clean, Found to be clean
>> X-IAF-MailScanner-From: p.g.m.peters at utwente.nl
> Both IAF MailScanners seems to have scanned the message. Both have added
> "Found to be clean".
> Multiple Headers = append

Clean is from the Virus checker.... Virus checking is not skipped when a 
valid water mark is detected.....


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