problems with dkim-milter and mailscanner/postfix

Paul Hutchings paul.hutchings at
Mon Apr 21 21:43:46 IST 2008

I'm pretty sure the DNS records were correct but for some reason
outbound mail wasn't being signed.

Appreciate any suggestions on the "best" choice of DKIM add-on to sign
outbound email using Postix on Centos 5.

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On 21/04/2008, Paul Hutchings <paul.hutchings at> wrote:
> Sorry I've missed a lot of info, wasn't sure exactly what was
>  I'm on Centos 5.x with Postfix 2.3.3 and 4.68.8.
>  Oddly enough upgrading MailScanner to the latest release (it was on
>  4.67.9 I think) would appear to have fixed whatever was happening.
There was a bug in the queue file handling code for "postfix with
milter" that should only have concerned later versions of Postfix ,
but ... Likely that is what fixed it. The fix to that code, I mean:-).
The symptoms indicate that at least... Then again, there are many
things that can have that particular effect:-).

>  DKIM still isn't working but that's down to some issues getting the
>  record in place properly.

Good luck.

>  Cheers,
> Paul
-- Glenn
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