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Fri Apr 18 16:18:09 IST 2008

Dave Jones wrote:
>>> I don't understand why you think this is odd.  The bottom most
>>> signature is the one
>>> in question since the html is getting appended to the email.  The
>>> bottom of the email
>>> is normally the original email since email is top-post logic (unlike
>>> mailing lists).
>> *Content* is usually top-post these days, but *sigs* are usually
>> bottom-post.
>>> If you keep appending the same html to the bottom, it just stacks up
>>> the same thing
>>> over and over and you would end up with duplicate images and html text
>>> back to back
>>> which looks rather odd.  So unless I am missing something, the current
>>> logic ends up
>>> being a bit odd after you reply back and forth a few times.
>> But it works the same way everyone else does. Most people accept that as
>> being a setup they prefer, or they would have asked the vendors to change.
>> The default is mail clients is to top-post new content, but to
>> bottom-post new sigs. I'm just doing the same thing as them.
> If you are referring to Yahoo or Hotmail type signatures at the bottom, then you
> are correct.  However, I don't think that Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or others would
> put a duplicate signature/advertisement at the bottom of an email.  That would
> look pretty bad.
> What my company (global fortune 500) is asking for is a signature/logo appended
> once at the bottom of the original outbound email without duplicates.
> So far, no
> other major commercial email products that we have (Exchange/Proofpoint) can
> even do what MailScanner is doing today with the inline graphic.  What
> I am getting
> today is a single attachment (thanks to your 4.69 update) but the html
> is getting
> duplicated.  This ends up giving me a duplicate image tag so the first
> one displays
> properly then the second one is a broken link type of box.
That's not good.
> What would be your hourly rate in US dollars and how many hours do you think it
> would take to get an option to only send it out on the original email
> or detect the html
> at the end of the email and somehow prevent a duplicate back to back?
It would be pretty easy for me to do now, as I have already written the 
code that detects a tag in the HTML signature. (You could do it without 
the image by putting in a <img> tag without a "src" attribute, so it 
couldn't actually display anything but would still put "alt" attribute 
in the outgoing message.

It just means there is going to be yet another configuration option, to 
control whether you want to allow duplicate signatures at all. Probably 
an hour's work at the most. + 12,000 hours work to allow for the 
architecture that makes adding this only an hour's extra work :-)
> If you want to
> take the details of this offline, then email me at davejones70 at
>  I want
> to discuss you creating a PO to my company anyway for some compensation
> even before this feature request.
That sounds like a lovely idea to me!


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