OT: Is sendmail safe for SMTP?

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 11:33:10 IST 2008

> No offence taken, just wondered/interested if someone had given you a 
> reason not to use it, in which case I would be interested to hear what 
> it might have been...

Just to add some 2 (euro) cents...

sendmail's configuration "system" was a complete turn-off to me.
postfix was a breeze to configure and also seems much more cleaner by 
Bad / non-fully transparent configuration options more often than not 
cause security problems - more than bad code.
That coupled with sendmail's long history of security problems...

Postfix also spots excellent documentation, both online and printed.
If you're feeling generous just purchase "The Book Of Postfix".

*ALL* maps can be whatever you like them to be.
LDAP'ing my users (from an AD) was easy as never thought.
Restricting access internal mail groups - easy!

Reconfiguring is instant and no more m4 runs and macro stuff and 
whatnot. Almost all parameters you can ever imagine are changeable.

Performance-wise e.g. it does away with many unnecessary DNS lookups etc.

OK, I sound somewhat as an advocate, but postfix has made my life easy.
I'm a better person now - less grumpy ;-)


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