ClamAV 0.93 released

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Apr 18 09:45:06 IST 2008

On 17/04/2008, Leonardo Helman <mailscanner at> wrote:
>  Hi I'm using clamavmodule
>  I've made a patch for the Mail::ClamAV to compile (later I'll send it
>  to the Mail::ClamAV mantainer)

>  Basicaly I've deleted every option that doesn't exists any more.
>  Adding new ones is a trivial task.
>  There is a couple of changes to do in MS, clamav max ratio
>  or something like that, doesn't exists any more
>  and CL_SCAN_PHISHING_DOMAINLIST has dissapeared
>  later I'll send a patch for
>  That's the good news
>  But we have to decide if we want some of the new limits
>  for example:
>  do we want to define maxscansize? and archivememlim?

And should this be synchronized wuith the SA scan limit? I donät
know... But having the ability to set things in one place
(MailScanner.conf, presumably) would be nice. Perhaps a "meta setting"
for what features to use/not use?

>  should I add them to the patched Mail::ClamAV module?
I think so, yes.

>  should we add them to the MS?
... yes, if the former, definitely the latter... Else we'll be
dependant on defaults (as if we weren't already:-)... Better to be

>  comments?
Thanks Leonardo.

-- Glenn
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