OT: Ideas as to best way to do this

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Thu Apr 17 23:44:06 IST 2008

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
>> Just to let you know, all google servers are hopeless at handling
> email
>> to greylisting systems.
>> You can expect BIG delays as they don't maintain state on smtp queues.
> Agreed. Just for the record: This is not really a google problem but a
> problem coming from inefficient greylisting implementations. Have a look
> at BarricadeMX. Their greylisting implementation does not suffer from
> this particular problem.
>> Typically a greylisting system admin would whitelist google servers to
>> get round their problem, however, as google is in the top 100 list of
>> spam sources whitelisting their mail relays is a very bad idea....
> Or use better greylisting algorithms.. :-)
You can of course greylist/whitelist based on domain but since the 
number of organisations that actually have this type of problem is very 
small, I really don't consider it my problem,  I am very happy indeed 
for google mail to be delayed... and make no excuses for it in my client 

Its not down to a lack of efficiency in greylisting algorithm, per se, 
as I *actively force* the ip address  of the sending server to be part 
of the greylisting process. If you change servers in your outbound queue 
then you can expect to be delayed again.

I don't use the snertsoft filter, I used a personally modified version 
of this


across my enterprise, one particularly nice feature is that it allows 
whitelist syncing across multiple servers, so once one server in the 
group has whitelisted a server, sender, recipient triplet then the 
others have it too.



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