Two versions of Spamassasin running

raul benitez raul at
Thu Apr 17 22:23:32 IST 2008

Thanks for the reply. See the problem is I inherited this box and what I 
think happened was the collocation service that was admining this box 
installed Blue quartz with mailscanner on top of the already installed 
spamassassin and did not bother to stop that version. So my question is 
can i just stop or delete the original version of spamassassin without 
havening to delete the mailscanner one? or am I not understand this 
right? Thanks Also, get rid of spamass-milter.. There's no reason you 
should be running SpamAssassin under MailScanner and in a milter milter. 
Pick one or the other, but doing both is silly. Julian Field wrote:

> > You have at least 2 versions installed. Get rid of all of them and start 
> > again. You don't need to run the spamd daemon if you are using 
> > MailScanner as it doesn't use it anyway, it communicates more directly 
> > with SpamAssassin without the daemon getting in the way.
> > 
> > Delete all of those RPMs and fetch a nice shiny new version from your 
> > favourite source.
> > 

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