Esets AV nor recognized by MailScanner

Alex Broens ms-list at
Thu Apr 17 17:08:21 IST 2008

On 4/17/2008 1:41 PM, --[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
>> Using latest MS release and Esets AV (ex Nod32) on a test box.
>> "Virus Scanners =  auto" doesn't recognize
>> "# esets     from"
>> Setting "Virus Scanners =  esets" doesn't work either
>> Can anyone reproduce?
>> Thanks
>> Alex
> Alex, is virus.scanners.conf correct for its path ?

Hi [ UxBoD ]

After MS recognizes Eset, it doesn't catch an, which 
clamavmodule does.

In "esets_wrapper" you've chosen to use esets_scan which doesn't speak 
to the daemon but has to load the signatures every time its called and 
is extremely slow.

Seems we're still missing something. What OS did you use to test the 
wrapper & co?



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