OOT: Mail rejected with bogus helo

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Thu Apr 17 14:44:24 IST 2008

Glenn Steen wrote:

>>  Not quite right there my friend....
> :-) Look again... This is all about DNS address verification. Not
> relevant to the rejection of a malformed HELO/EHLO.
> The RFCs actually _demand_ that you reject those.

Actually, the RFCs do not demand you reject a malformed HELO, and you know that 
as well as I do. However, they do OK it when the malformed HELO will cause your 
Received: headers to violate RFC formats.

Regardless it is still 100% RFC compliant to accept a malformed HELO if you 
don't ever quote it in a Received: header, or otherwise modify it so the 
Received: header you generate is compliant.

Also, this thread is about using an IP as a HELO, which is NOT a malformed HELO 
per the RFCs. Therefore it is still against the RFCs to refuse mail because the 
HELO is an IP address.

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