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Dave Jones davejones70 at
Thu Apr 17 14:00:00 IST 2008

>> Would it be possible to use some tag in the html so that MailScanner
>> could evaluate/find to not duplicate if found?  Maybe use the alt=
>> text to determine if the image and the alt= text already exists?  Or
>> if there is an accurate method to detect a reply or forward from the
>> headers and have a MailScanner.conf option or rule to only include it
>> on original emails and not reply or forwards similar to how most email
>> clients work.
>Very good, I like it. So now you can do it :-)
>I've just released 4.69.5 which can do this.
>In your signature's <img> tag, you must have an "alt" attribute which
>contains "MailScanner Signature".

>It actually a case-insensitive match on "mailscanner.*signature" so you
>can have anything followed by the word "mailscanner" followed by
>anything followed by the word "signature" followed by anything. So you
>can tweak the text quite a lot and it will still work.

>Please can you let me know if this does the behaviour that you want.
The latest version is working much better by not attaching the jpg
file a second time.
However, it is still attaching the html file a second time so I see
duplicate html at
the bottom of the email.

Would it make sense to also not append any html files that have the match
on the "mailscanner.*signature" search when you don't attach the image file?
My thinking is that they (the inline html and the image) are a pair
and they should
both be added on the first email and both skipped on subsequent emails.

Dave Jones

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