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Dave Jones davejones70 at
Thu Apr 17 02:01:11 IST 2008

>Dave Jones wrote:
>> Version 4.68 solved the problem.  The image is being displayed properly.
>> Now, the next issue.  I need to find a way to only attach it once on
>> the initial outbound email.  My testing shows that it is attaching it
>> multiple times so replies back and forth are growing and growing in
>> size which is not good.  I will research how to prevent multiple
>> attachments.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.
>It will do that. Any ideas are most welcome, I couldn't immediately
>think of a good solution. After all, how do you know that
><signature.jpg> is *your* signature.jpg and not someone else's? If I was
>setting it up for a lot of people, I would always use the same filename
>in the HTML to make it easier to configure for different people.

>The only thing I could think of is to walk the entire MIME tree looking
>for images, and check their size (and even contents?) against the
>signature image you're trying to add. If you find it, try to point the
>signature at it. But what do you then do, start editing the HTML
>signature automatically? Eek :-(

>Lightweight solutions are most welcome. In the mean time the 0.01%
>(approx) of internet traffic that is email will have to be slightly more
>than it might be otherwise. It's a way to go before it reaches the
>amount of Bit-Torrent traffic :-)

Would it be possible to use some tag in the html so that MailScanner
could evaluate/find to not duplicate if found?  Maybe use the alt=
text to determine if the image and the alt= text already exists?  Or
if there is an accurate method to detect a reply or forward from the
headers and have a MailScanner.conf option or rule to only include it
on original emails and not reply or forwards similar to how most email
clients work.

Dave Jones

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