Two versions of Spamassasin running

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Apr 16 19:04:28 IST 2008

on 4-16-2008 9:59 AM raul benitez spake the following:
> Hi I have mailscanner installed running on Blue Quartz GUI on a CENTOS 4 
> box  (sorry for the long post)
> /$ rpm -qa | grep spam
> nuonce-spamassassin-capstone-1.0.13-1.centos4
> spamass-milter-0.3.1-5
> nuonce-spamassassin-ui-1.0.13-1.centos4
> nuonce-spamassassin-locale-en-1.0.13-1.centos4
> nuonce-spamassassin-glue-1.0.13-1.centos4
> spamassassin-3.1.9-1.el4
> nuonce-spamassassin-3.2.3-1/
This looks like you have the default spamassassin from Centos 4 loaded 
(spamassassin-3.1.9-1.el4) and NuOnce's (nuonce-spamassassin-3.2.3-1).

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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