Two versions of Spamassasin running

Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Apr 16 18:16:33 IST 2008

You have at least 2 versions installed. Get rid of all of them and start 
again. You don't need to run the spamd daemon if you are using 
MailScanner as it doesn't use it anyway, it communicates more directly 
with SpamAssassin without the daemon getting in the way.

Delete all of those RPMs and fetch a nice shiny new version from your 
favourite source.

raul benitez wrote:
> Hi I have mailscanner installed running on Blue Quartz GUI on a CENTOS 
> 4 box  (sorry for the long post)
> /$ rpm -qa | grep spam
> nuonce-spamassassin-capstone-1.0.13-1.centos4
> spamass-milter-0.3.1-5
> nuonce-spamassassin-ui-1.0.13-1.centos4
> nuonce-spamassassin-locale-en-1.0.13-1.centos4
> nuonce-spamassassin-glue-1.0.13-1.centos4
> spamassassin-3.1.9-1.el4
> nuonce-spamassassin-3.2.3-1/
> I think i have another version of spamassasin running as well though
> when i do a
> /$  spamd -V
> SpamAssassin Server version 3.1.9
>  running on Perl 5.8.5/
> when i do a check i get this
> <<< SNIP SNIP >>>
> Im not really sure were to start looking to either find out if I have 
> two versions running or how to fix this error.
> Thanks!


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