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>> I have upgraded the ClamAV+SpamAssassin distribution available at 
>> Note that this new version does *NOT* work with the 
>> 'clamavmodule' virus 
>> scanner. So don't upgrade if you're running the clamavmodule scanner.
> Could you provide some clarification for me? Back in the day MailScanner
> didn't support Clamd.
Ah, the good ole days :-)
>  When Clamd support became available I stuck with
> clamavmodule because the speed increase wasn't needed in my
> configuration. Your easy install package is so simple and "just works"
> so I haven't seen a need to change anything. Over the past year it seems
> the Mail::ClamAV perl module hasn't been getting updated in a timely
> manner.
>  I have waited for it to get updated and then installed the
> latest ClamAV update. This is getting a bit old and so I ask, is ClamD
> considered the Best Practice for a MailScanner setup today?
Not sure on that, I still use clamavmodule as you don't *have* to update 
to the latest ClamAV the day it is released. The previous version will 
carry on working just fine for quite a while. One of these days I might 
jump ship to clamd, but not yet.
>  Also, once I
> install and configure ClamD from DW's rpms, does your easy install
> package update ClamAV from that point on or do I have to skip the clamav
> update when I run the install script from your easy install package?
My ClamAV+SpamAssassin package will ask you if you want it to install 
ClamAV or not. If you choose not, then it will ask you where your 
current clamscan is installed so that it can work out what directories 
to set and where. So you don't have to edit my install script or 
anything nasty like that, it handles it all in a relatively intelligent 
manner (I hope that's what people see, anyway!).


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