ClamAV 0.93 released

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Tue Apr 15 19:04:54 IST 2008

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> I have upgraded the ClamAV+SpamAssassin distribution available at 
> Note that this new version does *NOT* work with the 
> 'clamavmodule' virus 
> scanner. So don't upgrade if you're running the clamavmodule scanner.

Could you provide some clarification for me? Back in the day MailScanner
didn't support Clamd. When Clamd support became available I stuck with
clamavmodule because the speed increase wasn't needed in my
configuration. Your easy install package is so simple and "just works"
so I haven't seen a need to change anything. Over the past year it seems
the Mail::ClamAV perl module hasn't been getting updated in a timely
manner. I have waited for it to get updated and then installed the
latest ClamAV update. This is getting a bit old and so I ask, is ClamD
considered the Best Practice for a MailScanner setup today? Also, once I
install and configure ClamD from DW's rpms, does your easy install
package update ClamAV from that point on or do I have to skip the clamav
update when I run the install script from your easy install package?
Thanks for the assist!

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