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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Apr 15 09:04:57 IST 2008

shuttlebox wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Ken Goods <kgoods at cropusainsurance.com> wrote:
>> I'm currently evaluating replacing our Exchange server (5.5) with Zimbra.
>>  Have the Zimbra server set up and ready to go and have imported a couple
>>  accounts using the same domain on the Zimbra server as the existing domain
>>  on the Exchange server. Right now my MX records point to my MailScanner box
>>  which relays to the Exchange server. What I would like to do for these two
>>  accounts is to also send a duplicate copy of all emails to the Zimbra
>>  server. They would of course have to be routed via the ip addresses of the
>>  servers since DNS records for the internal servers would complicate things.
> http://www.milter.info/sendmail/roundhouse/
Or there's milter-bcc which I find a bit easier to use.
If you want to do it in MailScanner, I would use a ruleset attached to 
"Archive Mail" which can take arbitrary email addresses. Then do the 
mailertable stuff someone has already told you about. I only suggest 
Archive Mail as it's just 1 option you need to set instead of 3 (spam 
actions, high-scoring spam actions and non-spam actions).


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