MailScanner: extracting attachments

Gordon Wong gordonwong at
Tue Apr 15 04:39:59 IST 2008

Julian Field <MailScanner <at>> writes:

> Do not set that unless you also set "Debug = yes". Much better to 
> specify both of them on the command-line. "MailScanner --help" will show 
> you the command-line options available.
> Gordon Wong wrote:
> > Seems the problem occurs when you set "Debug Spamassassin = yes".
> > Hope it helps. ^^
> >
> > Gordon
> >
> >   
> Jules

Just seen the diffs from Devon's two conf files and find that one file 
sets "Debug Spamassassin = yes" and the other "Debug Spamassassin = no".

btw, why the problem occurs when I set "Debug = no" and "Debug Spamassassin = 
yes" at the same time?  

(To be more specific, not only the MailScanner process will stop at extracting 
attachments, but also its child process hangs at command:
awk {printf "%s %s\n", strftime("%T"), $0}  (see the thread "Trouble with 
Mailscanner after upgrading to 4.68 (plz help)" from "test" on 6 Apr 10:29))

Thanks for teaching.


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