qmail and plesk environment - getting listed on spamhaus

Johnny Stork lists at openenterprise.ca
Mon Apr 14 20:45:44 IST 2008

Thanks Steve :) I am not familiar with qmail so I am sort of in the dark 
on their system but am trying to do what I can to determine their 
problem. The problem now is that it appears they have already been 
delisted so I have to go through it with only historical info.

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Johnny Stork wrote:
>> I have a client running a plesk/qmail hosting service who is having 
>> some trouble with getting their shared ip listed on spamhaus. I am 
>> looking into various solutions to suggest to them, possibly including 
>> ms if it can be integrated into the plesk environment. For now I 
>> would like to try and determine why they keep getting listed on 
>> spamhaus. Can anyone suggest some tips or a starting point to 
>> determine why they might keep getting listed?
> This isn't really the place to ask this - but I'll answer it anyway.
> There are 3 Spamhaus lists; SBL, XBL and the PBL.  If you query 
> zen.spamhaus.org then you will get a result from all three lists which 
> are determined by the returned IP.
> = SBL
> = XBL
> = PBL
> Most likely they are being listed on either the SBL or XBL.  If they 
> are listed on the SBL, then this is most likely due to spam 
> originating from this system and was most likely a manual listing by 
> Spamhaus.  The Spamhaus web site will give you more information on the 
> listing and tell you what you need to do to get de-listed.
> If they are listed on the XBL, then this was most likely an automated 
> listing and is either caused by a hacked formmail.pl or PHP script 
> being used to send mail or it is caused by qmail sending a HELO as 
> 'localhost' or 'localhost.localdomain' or the machine has been hacked 
> and has an open-proxy installed on it.  You can find out more about 
> this by going to cbl.abuseat.org (which is the actual data provider 
> for the XBL list) and requesting a de-list.  The web site will then 
> walk you through the possible causes.
> Regards,
> Steve.

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