New beta 4.69.3 released

Alex Broens ms-list at
Mon Apr 14 20:39:15 IST 2008

On 4/14/2008 7:05 PM, Julian Field wrote:
> Alex Broens wrote:
>> On 4/14/2008 5:50 PM, Julian Field wrote:
>>> Alex Broens wrote:
>>>> On 4/14/2008 4:06 PM, Julian Field wrote:
>>>>> I have released a new beta version of MailScanner, 4.69.3.
>>>>> The main new features in this beta are:
>>>>> - New keywords available in "Spam Actions" (and its relations) and 
>>>>> "Archive Mail" in MailScanner.conf. These let you put _FROMUSER_, 
>>>>> _FROMDOMAIN_, _TOUSER_, _TODOMAIN_ and _DATE_ in the "forward" 
>>>>> email address in "Spam Actions" and in the archive location and 
>>>>> forwarding addresses in "Archive Mail". This lets you build all 
>>>>> sorts of fancy systems that use procmail to deliver messages 
>>>>> directly into spam databases and mail archives that are sorted by 
>>>>> recipient address, and clever things like that.
>>>>> - New MailScanner.conf setting "Missing Mail Archive Is =" which 
>>>>> lets you specify whether a destination in "Archive Mail =" is an 
>>>>> mbox-format file or a directory. This used not to be necessary as 
>>>>> you could predict the name of the next mbox file as it could only 
>>>>> contain fixed strings or the date, so you could create the mbox 
>>>>> file in advance if you wanted to deliver to that format. However, 
>>>>> now it can be based on the sender and/or recipients of the message, 
>>>>> it cannot be predicted so has to be told which type to use if the 
>>>>> archive location is not present. It will automatically create all 
>>>>> necessary complete directories trees to be able to archive the mail 
>>>>> in your requested location.
>>>>> Please let me know if this works for you okay, and also if there 
>>>>> are any necessary facilities I have not provided for this to be 
>>>>> most useful to you. The only one that immediately comes to mind is 
>>>>> to be able to specify an arbitrary directory location in the 
>>>>> "store" spam action. Do you need that ability to do that too?
>>>> Cool
>>>> Question: Will your IMAPspam custom function work with this?
>>> Any idea who I wrote it for or what it does? 
>> adding:
>> It was designed to store spam (or ham) in a  remote IMAP 
>> account/folder to avoid having mabox/files on MailScanner boxes.
>> Back in 2006, when your wrote it, it required a massive MS hack to 
>> make it work. I gave up hacking through MS releases to keep it running.
>> MS' new action features seem to fit the concept way better so it may 
>> be of use again.
> I'm not quite sure how these 2 things are related. The IMAPspam code I 
> wrote for you uses an IMAP client to store the message in the user's 
> mailboxes. The new code I have written doesn't have anything to do with 
> IMAP clients.
> I'm slightly puzzled.

Yes - indeed, it has nothign to do with the new feature except:

Back when you wrote it actions weren't preprared to handle custom functions.
According to you, now they do, right?

If yes, and you can get it to work, I'd like to to give it away to the 
wiki, or anyone who may want to use it.

If you can't get it to work, it was useless.



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