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Dave Jones davejones70 at
Sat Apr 12 13:12:18 IST 2008

>Dave Jones wrote:
>>> Dave Jones wrote:
>>>> Can someone post a sample of a working inline.sig.html? I am getting
>>>> an email with the attached jpg file but it only shows an image box of
>>>> 186 x 23 with no image inside it. Am I missing something in my html
>>>> file that puts it inline within the body?
>>>> _*MailScanner.conf*_
>>>> Attach Image To Signature = yes
>>>> Inline HTML Signature = %rules-dir%/inline-html-signature.rules
>>>> Signature Image Filename = %rules-dir%/signature-image-filename.rules
>>>> Signature Image <img> Filename = signature.jpg
>>>> _*cat inline-html-signature.rules*_
>>>> From: me <at> <mailto:me <at>>
>>>> %report-dir%/inline.oneteam.sig.html
>>>> FromOrTo: default no
>>>> _*cat signature-image-filename.rules *_
>>>> From: me <at> <mailto:me <at>>
>>>> %report-dir%/OneTeam.jpg
>>>> FromOrTo: default no
>>>> _*cat inline.oneteam.sig.html*_
>>>> <img width=186 height=23 src="signature.jpg">
>>> You need to call it src="cid:signature.jpg"
>> I made my "inline.oneteam.sig.html" have "<img width=186 height=23
>> src="cid:signature.jpg>" " but now the src= text value is getting
>> dropped off when I view the source of the email.  This is a snip of
>> the end of the source:
>> </BODY><img width=186 height=23 src=>
>> </HTML>
>That's because you've got the quotes in the wrong place.
>just as I said last time, so the whole thing looks like
><img width=186 height=23 src="cid:signature.jpg">
My apologies for the previous bad posting.  I had the real file exactly as
you have it above and still get the resulting HTML dropping the src= value
inside the img tag.

Dave Jones
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