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Fri Apr 11 19:40:39 IST 2008

Dave Jones wrote:
> Can someone post a sample of a working inline.sig.html?  I am getting 
> an email with the attached jpg file but it only shows an image box of 
> 186 x 23 with no image inside it.  Am I missing something in my html 
> file that puts it inline within the body?
> _*MailScanner.conf*_
> Attach Image To Signature = yes
> Inline HTML Signature = %rules-dir%/inline-html-signature.rules
> Signature Image Filename = %rules-dir%/signature-image-filename.rules
> Signature Image <img> Filename = signature.jpg
> _*cat inline-html-signature.rules*_
> From:           me at <mailto:me at>   
> %report-dir%/inline.oneteam.sig.html
> FromOrTo:    default             no
> _*cat signature-image-filename.rules *_
> From:           me at <mailto:me at>   
> %report-dir%/OneTeam.jpg
> FromOrTo:    default             no
> _*cat inline.oneteam.sig.html*_
> <img width=186 height=23 src="signature.jpg">
You need to call it src="cid:signature.jpg"
> Dave Jones
> >Themba Ntleki wrote:
> >> Hi Guys,
> >>
> >> Is is possible to have a graphic(.jpg) within the inline signature in
> >> MS or something similar, I have tried adding some html code in the
> >> inline.sig.html file, but  mail is sent without the graphic.
> >> Any Ideas?
> >Yes, perfectly possible. Read your MailScanner.conf file and you will
> find these. They are most useful with rulesets, so that you switch it on
> and off for different people, and choose different images for different
> people. My default HTML signature for mail sent within my department
> contains an image of my real signature (well, nearly my signature, but
> no use for signing checks as me). If you don't know about rulesets, read
> /etc/MailScanner/rules/* and the docs on the website and on the wiki and
> in the book.
> ># If you are using HTML signatures, you can embed an image in the 
> signature.
> ># For the filename(s) of the image, see the settings "Signature Image
> ># Filename" and "Signature Image <img> Filename".
> ># This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
> >Attach Image To Signature = no
> ># Normally, you would only want to attach the image to messages with an
> ># HTML part, as plain text messages clearly cannot display an image.
> ># However, if you find some other use for this feature, you may want to
> ># attach an image to a message which is just text.
> ># This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
> >Attach Image To HTML Message Only = yes
> ># When using an image in the signature, there are 2 filenames which need
> ># to be set. The first is the location in this server's filesystem of the
> ># image file itself. The second is the name of the image as it is 
> stored in
> ># the attachment. The HTML version of the signature will refer to this
> ># second name in the HTML <img> tag.
> ># Note: the filename extension will be used as the MIME subtype, so a GIF
> ># image must end in ".gif" for example. (.jpg ==> "jpeg" as a special 
> case)
> >Signature Image Filename = %report-dir%/sig.jpg
> >Signature Image <img> Filename = signature.jpg
> >Jules
> -- 
> Dave Jones 


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