private IPs listed in RBL

AxisInternet axisml at
Thu Apr 10 17:51:16 IST 2008

admin at wrote:
> We have two mailscanners running on a small network. One acts as a
> gateway, and hands off to a mailserver which also has mailscanner
> running. The mail server is marking everything as spam as of yesterday,
> and shows the private IP of the gateway scanner is listed in an RBL.
> Where can I look in the config to fix this?

Typically, in your /etc/mail/ or /etc/mail/ file - or
if you are using a split queue, could be in /etc/mail/ or
/etc/mail/ For example, from my /etc/mail/ file:

FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `',`"Rejected: " $&{client_addr} "
blocked by RBL - see" $&{client_addr}


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