MailScanner increasing score over threshold but message passed as clean?

Edward Prendergast edward.prendergast at
Thu Apr 10 10:10:26 IST 2008

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>> Then run "MailScanner --debug" on some test messages that should push 
>> the spam score over your spam threshold of 5, and mshspam should equal 
>> 1. Please can you let me know what it outputs.

> A segment from the debug:

> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> max message size is '200k'
> mshspam = 0
> mshhigh = 0
> max message size is '200k'

> The msh* messages didn't show up frequently - I had to debug 3 times to
> these.

Any more thoughts on this? Do I need to do some further debugging to provide
you with more info?


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