MailScanner + Sendmail = "user unknown"

Rich West Rich.West at
Thu Apr 10 01:51:42 IST 2008

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 09/04/2008, Rich West <Rich.West at> wrote:
>> I've inherited a MailScanner setup that is pretty questionable (from a
>>  security standpoint), and I'm rebuilding the box from scratch.  I've
>>  gotten everything installed (CentOS, clamav, SA, MailScanner, Sendmail)
>>  to have the system act as a relay to an exchange backend.
>>  Oddly, it does not seem to be picking up the messages that are being
>>  left in /var/spool/  I see the messages being deposited there,
>>  but they don't seem to be acted upon.  Is there, perhaps, setting that I
>>  might have missed/glossed over that is obvious?
>>  -Rich
> Versions?
> Have you run "MailScanner --lint" and/or "MailScanner --debug"? What
> does "ps -ef" tell you? Is MailScanner running, and what does it claim
> it is doing?

Oh.. sorry.. it's a fresh install on CentOS using the latest version of 
MailScanner, Sendmail, SA, and clamav.  I hadn't tried MailScanner 
--debug but I did enable debug within MailScanner.conf (didn't give me 
many hints), but while watching the logs, after it forks off all of it's 
processes, it just seems to sit there.. waiting.  The MailScanner 
processes are definitely running.


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