MailScanner + Sendmail = stuck mail?

Rich West Rich.West at
Wed Apr 9 21:47:45 IST 2008

Mike Kercher wrote:
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> Subject: MailScanner + Sendmail = "user unknown"
> I've inherited a MailScanner setup that is pretty questionable (from a
> security standpoint), and I'm rebuilding the box from scratch.  I've
> gotten everything installed (CentOS, clamav, SA, MailScanner, Sendmail)
> to have the system act as a relay to an exchange backend.
> Oddly, it does not seem to be picking up the messages that are being
> left in /var/spool/  I see the messages being deposited there,
> but they don't seem to be acted upon.  Is there, perhaps, setting that I
> might have missed/glossed over that is obvious?
> -Rich
> --
> Did you:
> service sendmail stop
> chkconfig sendmail off
> chkconfig MailScanner on
> service MailScanner start

Yes, I let MailScanner control the sendmail process.

I guess I am wondering if there is anything special that needs to be
done with the or it sendmail just supposed to be
configured as a nullclient?  If I configure it as a null client, the
message gets delivered immediately and seems to bypass MailScanner all
together..  However, when I configure it with a smart host (vs doing a
null client), it gets delivered to the /var/spool/ directory
and doesn't go any where from there..


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