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> Richard Frovarp wrote:
> > DAve wrote:
> >> Richard Frovarp wrote:
> >>> DAve wrote:
> >>>> Currently we get hit with 200k to 300k connections a day 
> >>>> that hit 
> >>>> an RBL. We see 15k to 25k pipeline attempts. We spam scan almost 
> >>>> 50% of our mail and we Virus scan everything that comes in. We 
> >>>> process 4gb of mail a day on two servers, total around 
> >>>> 50k to 65k 
> >>>> message we actually deliver. We process 16,908 whitelist 
> >>>> and 14,348 
> >>>> blacklist entries from MailWatch.
> >>>>
> >>>> Mail delivery for our clients *INCLUDES* outbound scanning and 
> >>>> filtering through my smtp servers (different hardware) 
> >>>> and coming 
> >>>> back in through my MailScanner servers.
> >>>>
> >>>> I can get that done in 5 minutes round trip time for a 
> >>>> message. 90% 
> >>>> of that time is spent in the MS server, queues, waiting 
> >>>> for pickup, 
> >>>> etc. I think that is pretty darned good.

Not really what you're looking for, but I run a small shell script that
sends a daily report of the previous day's delay reading as logged by
the sendmail process that handles mail in the queue after MailScanner
processes messages.  My set-up only handles mail coming in from the
Internet to internal users, which makes the logic simpler.  YMMV --
you'd definitely need to change the code at least a little to fit your
environment, especially to distinguish between "inbound Internet mail"
and others.

It produces output like so:

Output from script /sysadm/scripts/local/ running on host under account root.

This report shows the delay for message delivery as reported by sendmail
(...are you running sendmail?).  These are only messages that were
already passed through by MS -- some 180K msgs are blocked each day by
the same system.

Count of messages delivered:
Messages delivered in under a minute:
Messages delivered in between 1 and 10 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 10 and 20 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 20 and 30 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 30 and 40 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 40 and 50 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 50 and 60 minutes:
Messages delivered in between 1 and 2 hours:
Messages delivered in between 2 and 10 hours:

The report only comes to me so I haven't worried about fixing the
outlying cases that appear to have taken nearly an hour -- they're not
real problems.

You could easily get more granular if you need to.  Having the report
helps me rest more easily -- I had no stats to back up my claim that
there wasn't a problem the first time I had a conversation with someone
claiming delivery was unreasonably slow.  The "anything under three days
is good per the RFC" argument didn't go over very well. :-)

I'm embarrassed by some of the code -- hit me up off-list if you want
the script, but I mostly thought the idea might be useful. :-)

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