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Tue Apr 8 20:23:48 IST 2008

on 4-8-2008 6:42 AM DAve spake the following:
> Currently we get hit with 200k to 300k connections a day that hit an 
> RBL. We see 15k to 25k pipeline attempts. We spam scan almost 50% of our 
> mail and we Virus scan everything that comes in. We process 4gb of mail 
> a day on two servers, total around 50k to 65k message we actually 
> deliver. We process 16,908 whitelist and 14,348 blacklist entries from 
> MailWatch.
> Mail delivery for our clients *INCLUDES* outbound scanning and filtering 
> through my smtp servers (different hardware) and coming back in through 
> my MailScanner servers.
> I can get that done in 5 minutes round trip time for a message. 90% of 
> that time is spent in the MS server, queues, waiting for pickup, etc. I 
> think that is pretty darned good.
> That is apparently not good enough. Every month or so I get told that 
> mail delivery in incredibly slow and I need to look at the servers. I 
> do, and every message I check takes around five minutes.
Tell them to use the fax machine. Point to point delivery, and fairly reliable 
technology!  ;-P

I spend lots of time telling clueless upperlings the basics of how e-mail 
works. They may be wiz-bang at running multi-million dollar corporations, but 
technology is not their strong point. I tell them that is what they pay me 
for, so they don't have to know everything.

But 5 minutes round trip is extremely good for your volume. Most MUA's don't 
even check that often. My bosses are very happy with 15 minutes, and usually 
only complain if they get timeouts.

But if the complaints will get an increase in your hardware budget, then go 
for it. It won't make it slower.

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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