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Tue Apr 8 19:57:11 IST 2008

Just about every configuration setting can have its own ruleset, and all 
of these can be different if you want, or the same, or any combination 
you choose. However, some are "big switches" that control whole chunks 
of the process, such as "Virus Scanning", "Dangerous Content Scanning" 
and "Spam Checks".

The biggest switch of them all is "Scan Messages" which is probably the 
one you're looking for.


Arthur Stephens wrote:
> Yes I have found that - but I could not find if that stops all 
> processing including file names, file types, attachment checking, web 
> bugs etc.
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Please read about rulesets in the documentation. There are many 
>> explanations of it and many examples provided on the website, in the 
>> wiki, in the mailing list archives and in the book.
>> Arthur Stephens wrote:
>>> I am running Maillscanner 4.55.10-3 and PostFix 2.3.8-1.fc5 on 
>>> Fedora Core 5 
>>> <edit_pack.cgi?search=MailScanner&package=mailscanner&version=4%2E55%2E10%2D3> 
>>> I get requests from our customers saying they do not want the 
>>> mailscanner service.
>>> Is there some way to tell mailscanner to pass thru emails to certain 
>>> destinations?
>>> -- 
>>> Arthur Stephens
>>> Senior Sales Technician
>>> Ptera Wireless Internet Service
>>> PO Box 135
>>> Liberty Lake, WA 99019
>>> 509-927-7837
>> Jules


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