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Tue Apr 8 17:26:20 IST 2008

on 4-7-2008 12:46 AM Glenn Steen spake the following:
> On 07/04/2008, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
>> on 4-5-2008 12:57 AM Glenn Steen spake the following:
>>> On 04/04/2008, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
>>>> on 4-4-2008 11:20 AM Glenn Steen spake the following:
>>>>> Sorry all, for the top post... a bit too tipsy to really safely (snip)
>>>>> with even a virtual scissor...:-)
>>>>  Happy Friday, Glenn!!
>>> There'salways something to celebrate....:-)
>>> This time it was "first day this week that I didn't need work
>>> underpaid(!!!) overtime"... It's been a b*tch of a week. Again. So
>>> friday just couldn't come quite fast eenough:-):-)
>>> Cheers
>>  I understand that! I get non-paid overtime, so I feel your pain!!
>>  Don't get me wrong, as my pay isn't that bad, but it goes down very quickly
>> as you add hours  :-(
> Once you earn enough you get three extra days vacation-time... Which
> is supposed to be enough compensation for ones overtime... Didn't
> quite take three easy weeks to "earn up" that time, once I crossed
> over. Not really complaining, and it's not really unpaid (well...:-),
> but... Not that great either:/.
> Oh well, a luxury problem, I guess...:-)
> Cheers
We could be digging ditches for minimum wage, so I'll stop complaining!

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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