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Remove all checking ? ;) 5 mins for something that does not have a guaranteed (RFC) delivery time anyway is damn good!  Yes you could put in a SAN/iSCSI but as already been said make sure loads of cache.  Why not put the OS etc on SSDs ? Man, you could keep going all day and spend loads of dosh, but what great fun :D

I would run numerous tests throughout different loads on the system to truly ascertain where the issue is.


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> Currently we get hit with 200k to 300k connections a day that hit an 
> RBL. We see 15k to 25k pipeline attempts. We spam scan almost 50% of
> our 
> mail and we Virus scan everything that comes in. We process 4gb of
> mail 
> a day on two servers, total around 50k to 65k message we actually 
> deliver. We process 16,908 whitelist and 14,348 blacklist entries from
> MailWatch.
> Mail delivery for our clients *INCLUDES* outbound scanning and
> filtering 
> through my smtp servers (different hardware) and coming back in
> through 
> my MailScanner servers.
> I can get that done in 5 minutes round trip time for a message. 90% of
> that time is spent in the MS server, queues, waiting for pickup, etc.
> I 
> think that is pretty darned good.
> That is apparently not good enough. Every month or so I get told that
> mail delivery in incredibly slow and I need to look at the servers. I
> do, and every message I check takes around five minutes.
> I need a recommendation for the root'n toot'nist, rockem sockem,
> nuklear 
> powered, rocket fuel fed servers money can buy. I want to push a batch
> of 30 messages through a full featured install of SA, Clamav, and
> local 
> rulesets in less than 5 seconds. Tops. When my sales director hits
> send 
> in his outlook, I want the message to deliver so fast his laptop jumps
> from his desk.
> I think I need striped SAS disks with 15k spindles, four CPUs, and
> 16gb 
> of ram. I am open to realistic suggestions, though humor is still 
> welcome. I intend to submit a quote this week.
> Thanks,
> DAve

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