detect executables embedded inside MS Office documents?

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Mon Apr 7 16:06:49 IST 2008

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> Ignore all previous requests for information. I've got enough 
> of it, pretty much.
> The only thing I cannot handle is inserted OLE "Packages" 
> that contain multiple files. If someone fancies creating one 
> of those and sending it to me, I'll improve the Package 
> parser to cope with it.
> But it now works with files inserted into Microsoft Office 
> documents just fine.
> This will be in the next release.
> I guess it's a fairly major new feature, the ability to 
> extract embedded files from Microsoft Office documents.
> :-)
> I think I'm going to have a rest now...
> Jules.

Wow!  I didn't really expect much response on that request!  Thank you
very much!  I look forward to testing, although I'll admit I'm also
hoping the method itself never takes off in the malware world.


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