Beta 4.69.1 -- can find files embedded in MS Office docs

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sun Apr 6 18:45:37 IST 2008


I have just released the first beta of version 4.69.

It has a few new features, the most obviously important of which is its 
ability to extract files embedded within Microsoft Office documents, and 
subject them to the same filename and filetype tests that the contents 
of other archives have to pass.

The other new useful things are a couple of new command-line options to 
help when debugging systems, notably the "--id" and "--inqueuedir" 
options to restrict what messages the MailScanner instance will process.

For the embedded-in-Office-documents tests, I *strongly* recommend you 
change your "Maximum Archive Depth" setting to at least 3, or else a lot 
of your users will get really annoyed that their files are being 
rejected as being nested too deeply within an archive. The 
"upgrade_MailScanner_conf" script will warn you of this if it is set to 
1 or 2. People who have set this to 0 will obviously be left in peace :-)

Please can you give this release a good hammering, particularly in the 
area of the new Microsoft Office document handling.

Download as usual from

Best regards,


Julian Field MEng CITP CEng
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