Trouble with Mailscanner after upgrading to 4.68 (plz help)

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Sun Apr 6 10:27:04 IST 2008

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Test wrote:
| I decided to upgrade to 4.68 yesterday, and since that upgrade,
| mailscanner is not working. (i did'nt change anything else on the system)
| I i run mailscanner --debug, it shows following messages:
| 10:20:16 Building a message batch to scan...
| 10:20:16 Have a batch of 2 messages.
| max message size is '30000'
| max message size is '30000'
| and stops processing.
| In the process list i see the MailScanner proces consuming 100% cpu, and
| also an awk process with the following parameters:
| awk {printf "%s %s\n", strftime("%T"), $0}
| It seems that it hangs at that point.
| I remove the whole of the mailscanner installation and installed 4.67..
| But i still have the same problem (4.67 has been running fine before)

My guess: A previous change did have an impact on MS. But only if you
restart MS. So it surfaces as a problem with an upgrade but the problem
was introduced (long) before the upgrade. You just were not hit before.

So go over ALL other changes to the system. Wether they are explicit
changes you made or implicit changes made by daily, weekly or monthly
cron jobs for example.


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