OT - Need info

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Fri Apr 4 14:28:00 IST 2008

Excuse the OT post, please respond directly to me so as to not clutter 
the list. I have a client who needs their mail sent to their server via 
TLS. We are using Sendmail and I can find oodles of info on setting up 
TLS, but very little on sending messages destined for one specific host 
via a TLS connection.

I am assuming, possibly incorrectly, that the secret lies in access and 
or the mailertable. Can anyone point me to better information than I 
have found?


In 50 years, our descendants will look back on the early years
of the internet, and much like we now look back on men with
rockets on their back and feathers glued to their arms, marvel
that we had the intelligence to wipe the drool from our chins.

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