File Type Check Problem

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Mike Kercher wrote:
> I've been searching and haven't found a resolution for this yet.
> Periodically, we get emails with attachments coming through that are 
> not being detected properly.  MailScanner reports:
> MailScanner: No programs allowed (msg-10410-101.txt)
This is being caught by the filetype trap.
> If I go look at the quarantined email in MailWatch and download the 
> attachment, it is a PDF.
That may be what the filename says, but what does the "file" command
>   There was talk of the file -i command switch.
> Is this something that needs to be set in MailScanner.conf?
No, just read the latest filetype.rules.conf and filename.rules.conf
files, the comments at the top of each file tell you how to use it. 
There is also an example line in filetype.rules.conf for you to copy.

> Mike




Running file against the message yields the following:

[root at HOUPMS02 m334jSTE009852]# file message 
message: smtp mail text
[root at HOUPMS02 m334jSTE009852]# file -i message 
message: message/rfc822\011

Not quite sure what changing the filetype.rules.conf would do for me



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