Using watermark to fight spam backscatter

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Are you using the vbounce plugin in SpamAssassin?  It has rules for that
kind of stuff. 

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More and more of our users are receiving large quantities of spam
backscatter. One received 200 messages this week. 

I've been investigating various options (Postfix rules:, BATV: but the
easiest to implement seems to be MailScanner's watermarking, especially
as my system already uses watermarking (we have a postfix + mailscanner
gateway in front of a cPanel exim + mailscanner box).

Watermarking is already successfully implemented and working properly
between the two machines. I've altered this setting for testing:

Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam = 0.1

But after changing this and checking the incoming mail I've noticed a
lot of backscatter doesn't come with From: <> but rather real e-mail
addresses (e.g. MAILER-DAEMON at Is this the right
area to be looking in? Could this be modified, or should I be using some
other feature to help cut down on this?


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