MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.68.8 stable released

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Apr 1 15:31:33 IST 2008


I have just released the latest stable release of MailScanner version 
This is *not* an April Fool's joke :-)

Major new improvements this month are:

- Support for the *very fast* fpscand daemon supplied with F-Prot version 6.
- New method of updating bad phishing sites configuration list to use 
major new fireproof delivery system. Many thanks to Matt Hampton for all 
his help with this.
- filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf can now list email 
addresses. Emails containing attachments matching these names or types 
will be diverted to these addresses instead of the original recipients.
- New "Automatic Syntax Check" option (on by default) to check your 
configuration is syntactically correct before trying to start up.

Download as usual from

The full Change Log is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Support for the Fpscand daemon that is supplied with F-Prot version 6.
  Add this line to your virus.scanners.conf
  f-protd-6 /bin/false /usr/local/f-prot
  and set "Virus Scanners = f-protd-6" in your MailScanner.conf.
  This is very much faster than the f-prot-6 command-line scanner.
3 Improved the list of ignored web-bug filenames.
3 New update_bad_phishing_sites script to use major new fireproof delivery
  system. Many thanks to Matt Hampton for all his time and support with 
3 Updated to Catalan translation.
3 Updated support for Vexira "vascan" virus scanner.
3 Changed location of Web-Bug Replacement image. 
upgrade_MailScanner_conf will
  put in the new URL. This will give significantly better response to your
3 Added new option "Log SpamAssassin Rule Actions" so that you can see 
  what actions fire on what messages from the "SpamAssassin Rule Actions"
3 Added new option to the filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf files.
  Instead of "allow", "deny" or "deny+delete", you can now specify a 
space or
  comma-separated list of email addresses. If the filename or filetype rule
  is matched, the message is sent to these new addresses instead of the ones
  given in the original email address.
3 Updated support for latest versions of Esets virus scanner from Nod32.
4 Added Net-DNS and Digest-SHA1 to the main MailScanner distributions so 
  they are installed appropriately ready for when you install Razor. 
This way
  they are installed as RPMs and not just plain Perl modules, as the RPM of
  Razor requires them to have been installed as RPMs.
4 New configuration option "Automatic Syntax Check" added, default is "yes",
  which causes a quick syntax check of the MailScanner.conf file and the 
  configuration files, printing out errors on the console, instead of just
  logging them to your system's mail log as it did before.
  This will hopefully make it easier for novices to get going successfully.
5 SpamAssassin Cache will no longer cache "timed out" responses.
5 Upgraded to perl-Digest-SHA1 version 2.11.
6 Added SpamAssassin MCP patch for 3.2.4.
7 Changed default supplied High-Scoring Spam Actions to "store". That way
  users don't have to work out how to change it, to reduce their spam a lot.

* Fixes *
2 Improved MakeNameSafe() to fix problems caused by f-protd-6 working with
  filenames containing spaces (which it cannot handle!).
2-2 Fixed error in --lint support for F-Protd-6.
2-3 Typo, missed out a "$" :-(
3 Fixed important bug in f-protd handling code.
4 Fixes to Custom Function code.
5 Fixed various issues with new automatic syntax check (--lintlite) code.
6 Fixed IPBlock problem with MailScanner --lintlite.
6 Fixed Postfix milter problem (thanks Glenn!).
7 Fixed problem with Inline images in HTML signatures. Now works with nested
  multiple replies.
8 Fixed bug where original unsafe filename wasn't used correctly when auto-
  replacing attachments with zipped copies to save space in mail stores.
  Thanks to Armand Leroux at Capgemini for finding this one.


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