OT: Sendmail REJECT or DISCARD preference

Doc Schneider doc at maddoc.net
Tue Apr 1 20:47:18 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Matt Hampton wrote:
>> Brendan Pirie wrote:
>>>>>>> Pale, lager, or ale?
>>> What do you mean, OR?! ;)
>>> Brendan
>> When this popped up in message notifier in Thunderbird I was expecting
>> this comment to be in reply to the Blonde, brunette, or redhead.....
>> suppose I better get my mind out of the gutter......
>> matt
> I'm glad to see this thread has descended into a 100% harmless OT
> natter. It so easily could have gone the other way :-)
> By the way, has anyone tried the new version? It's working okay for me
> so far.
> Matt ---- Do your HTML image signatures still work? The code to generate
> them has changed quite a lot. They should work rather better now with
> luck (he says, automatically cursing the whole thing :-)
> Jules

I installed the new version just now and it looks good.. But reserve the
right to curse! HAR!

Lincoln, NE.

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