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Paul Houselander housey at
Tue Oct 23 17:11:07 IST 2007

Hi Damian

Take a look at mimedefang - - its what I use here and
works really well, no need to keep maps of all the users, just the domain
and IP address of the destination mailserver, it will then do a call ahead
check to see if the user is valid (assuming the destination mailserver will
respond with a 550 user not found)

Theres an example of a mimedefang filter that does exactly what you want



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> People:
> I've finally updated SA after installing all the perl modules which were
> missing. Now what is left to finish this is the Backscattering filter on
> sendmail.
> If you know a better way than inserting every single valid address for
> each domain in the access file for relay and catching the rest, please
> let me know because it would be a real pain to write every single mail
> address.
> Thank you all for everything, you've helped me a lot, I've learned a lot
> of stuff thanks to you.
> Regards.-
> Damian
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