Postfix, Mail Scanner and Mailscanner-mrtg

Phuntsho Ugyel p_ugyel at
Thu Oct 18 07:43:00 IST 2007

Am running postfix and would really like to have an mrtg graph of mails, 
spams etc that is being processed by my mail server.

I generally try not to flood mailing lists but i could not find anything 
when trying to google. So here are the doubts that i have.

1. Can mailscanner-mrtg be used on a mail server running postfix? if 
yes, any documentations?
2. Does the mailscanner-mrtg and postfix have to be on the same server? 
Can they be on different machines? [would like them to be on different 

If it is not possible, then could someone please suggest an alternative.

Thanking you in advance

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